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Saturday, October 29, 2005



Last night to bed
I went with you in my head
As my eyes were closing
There you stood posing

Dream of you is all I can do
For you avoid me like the flu
I know not if you scare
I don’t think I’m being unfair

All in my power have I tried
All in my tear ducts have I cried
I know you comfort are with me
Whether I do or don’t beg or plea

Cannot I say my heart is with you
Without you look at me and think so untrue
You do want me known
Then why my heart be thrown

Like a fire on a matchstick
Not more than a firefull flick
Very bright and warm
Only when in good form

Then blown out it is blown
Without a whimper without a moan
Left is burnt wood
If only have I could

Though still I try
Though still I cry
Out my head you will not go
My other thoughts do you throw

Why every night I see you
Why is it why it is true
Out my head please run
Stop at my expense having fun

A nightmare you are I ask
Then nightmare wearing a mask
Or be nightmare so unscary
Then scary be child’s fairy

If the mind whom my dreams jumble
Does surface and the truth mumble
Of how good dreams
Became filled with screams

Then in his eyes I will look
And ask what out did you took
And if the answer be what dread I await
Then sarcasm will say O’ just great

For then will the dreaming mind
Really come to find
That good be not in bad
And then I am sad

In my good dreams you appear
Then why taunt me almost to fear
Scarred I am that like you I do
And not like me do you

Then why from in my dreams come you again
Why do you not know how to refrain
I am just yet I am a boy
Don’t toy with me like a toy

Please don’t so confused me making
And if you are my heart going to be taking
Then let me just ask
Why is it you’ve made it such a task

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Give me the honor

Give me the honor
Of being your guest
O’ most elegant hostess

I am neither a wanderer nor a traveler
For wanderers wander seeking
And seeking none else save to have sought
At the end of their aimless endless wander
And travelers travel
Traveling with an aim and an end
From their start of travel to their end

I am, myself declared this title
A journeyman – a wandering traveler
And a traveling wanderer on some roads
For I seek not
To have sought at naught
Nor travel I
With a journey defined

I have entered your village
And on this eve at your door I stand
Few times have I wanted shelter from the night
And never before have I truly taken
But now I stand knocking at your door
Humbly requesting shelter this night

Give me the honor
Of being your guest
O’ most elegant hostess

Please open the door and let me inside
There lingers a bitter cold air outside tonight
There are wild beasts and wilder people
That I fear do stalk me
I am a strong man and I can survive this all
But tonight I wish to be a sheltered boy

Many journeys have I journeyed
And I know you too are not native to this land
Let me in, feed me and allow me a bath
Then we may embark upon a sweet nostalgia
Of the separate journeys that carried us here
And we may learn of beautiful and scary paths

I know you reside in this house alone
And I know you long for company
I have journeyed one of solitude
And I long for company too
So let our mutual longing for company
Be comforted even if for just one night

Give me the honor
Of being your guest
O’ most elegant hostess

You have a nice, though clean, fireplace
And far too many dry wood
Let us dirty that fireplace and dispose that wood
And enjoy that soft light and of its warmth steel
And if that warmth be insufficient
I sense your closet holds many blankets

So, on the floor we shall sit
And begin our nostalgic journeys
With your laughs I shall laugh too
With your tears I shall tear too
And with your daunting fears
I shall hold your hand and comfort you

And if it be your wanting
We may spend this entire night
In this sweet peaceful serenity
Sitting and resisting our wants for sleep
Conversing in similar tongue
In the warmth of your home

Give me the honor
Of being your guest
O’ most elegant hostess

And if it be that I am to you
More comforting than many another stranger
If it be your want we may sit closer
Gently meeting with soft touches and holds
Not of the fires warmth stealing
But of our own

And if I be more comforting even then
Then we may slowly expel from us
Those gifts of speech and sight
And allow our tongues and mouths
And lips more intimately communicate
And our hands too if you so wish

If I am even more comforting than that
And you may wish your bed be filled
Know this most comforted hostess
I wish to fill no other bed
Than that to which you invite me
But that comfort we shall have in another house

Give me the honor
Of being your guest
O’ most elegant hostess

Maybe you let me stay just this night
Maybe I am to only stay this night
Maybe I journey on the next day
Or you in a new house choose residence
Or maybe in this house we spend many nights
And maybe even into a warmer home we move

Like a fire has in it no darkness
Yet darkness follows it
We over our residence have no knowledge
Yet knowledge follows us
I beg you dear elegant hostess
Honor me and let me your guest be.

Here in this forest

Here in this forest now this night

I’m standing here at the edge of the woods,
Come stand by my side,
I need your hand in mine,
Look up, does not the moon steal your breath
From the deepest parts of your lungs
And then this naughty soft breeze returns it
With the greatest of care to keep you at ease
Look the stars how they smile at this gesture
Enter this forest with me now this night

I feel your slight shivers in your gentle hand
I know it is not your feeling of cold
That makes them come about
I know you look ahead,
Into the by patches moonlit forest
And by other patches scary darkness
I know you love so much that that makes itself seen
Yet fear so much that that lay hidden
Enter this forest with me now this night.

Feel how this mist teases you so,
Gently caresses your skin,
Mischievously harnesses a soft smile
From a face so delicate
Yours is truly this night tonight
We wind around the first few trees
Look how delicate we tread
Still hand in hand, your fear lessened,
Walk through this forest with me now this night

Remove those shoes that oppress your feet’s senses
Those treacherous socks too and that heavy jacket
If not I then your own exhilaration will keep you warm
And for your soft feet that may be pocked
Gives me a reason to gently massage that of you I adore
Now loosen your lovely hair
Let it dance to the tune of the winds’ chant
Let it gently touch my face
Walk through this forest with me now this night
Now with more confidence in our cavalry
Run and play with me through the trees
Let go my hand, disappear behind that large tree
Reappear there at that thin one
Make me chase you around those many shrubs
Make my joy make my tears shyly linger in the moonlight
And let us childishly tire more because of laughter
And energy find again in our arms, our abodes,
Hold me in this forest now this night

Take a glance around but don’t let your arms stray of me
We’ve stumbled into a very dark patch,
Look the moon patches are trying to hide from us
There is a treacherous cloud darkening all the forest
Hold me tighter now, I feel your fear
I know you too feel my fear
But let us take just one form of comfort
A cloud is nothing when it gets pushed by the wind
Hold me in this forest now this night

And besides, what is a cloud but water unknown,
Oh look, that water is starting to make itself known
First in light very scattered droplets
And now in every place in great amounts
Normally we would run for cover,
But here, where do we go, under a soaked tree?
Let us rather find shelter not from this water
But in and under this water
Dance with me in this forest now this night

Let us let the rain do what it dearly wants to do
Let it water us and make us like those roses
That only bloom to true beauty after being showered upon
Stand with me in my arms
Water running down our faces and drenched bodies
Our clothes now no more than see through robes
There purposes of clothing and warmth redundant
Converse with me with none but a simple smile
Dance with me in this forest now this night

Look, the rain has ended, the cloud has moved
The moon returns that glorious face it showed before
What a sight we must be to it
Especially in its light now
Let us continue deeper into the forest
Even though we are drenched so,
What fears have we now as we walk on?
Not darkness not clouds not water moved us
Continue through this forest with me now this night

We will soon reach that lovely waterfall,
It’s near, just over the rocks
All we have to do is to find and follow the stream,
Take my hand in yours let us move with enthusiastic haste
Can you hear it, the water crashing on the rocks below?
The sound is getting louder
The thickening mist says we almost there
Do you want to reach this waterfall?
Continue through this forest with me now this night

We have so much to see and do
Here in this forest now this night
We have so much to learn and teach
Here in this forest now this night
All I wish,
Here in this forest now this night
Is that neither of us
Reach the end of this forest
Here in this forest now this night
Without having been through this forest
Here in this forest now this night
And I also wish
Here in this forest now this night
That we see the forest
With my heart your abode
And your heart my abode
Here in this forest now this night.